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Celebrities - TAN is proud to say that we have released the most comprehensive and best looking catholic app on the iPhone App Store. It is beautifully designed, supports 8 major languages + LATIN and has over 1000 prayers that you can read and learn. Explore hundreds of traditional prayers, organize favorites and share them with others! Go get it Now!

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Guess the young celebrity - Young Celebrity No. 7

Guess the young celebrity - Young Celebrity No. 2

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Guess the young celebrity – Young Celebrity No. 22

March 2nd, 2012

Well Brangelina wasn’t that hard, right?? Let’s move on to a few celebrities from the music business. This young lady on the picture is a singer and actually looks a bit like today. You could recognize her if you stared long enough..

Can you guess who this young celebrity is?

Guess the young celebrity 22
Christina Aguilera?
Kate Hudson?
Britney Spears?
Kate Olsen?
Ashley Olsen?

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Hi Everybody, I haven’t been posting for a while now and you’ll soon find out why. We have been working on a secret project for the past six months or so and today is THE DAY of our first release.

For the first month or so we have been busting our heads trying to grasp the basics of Objective-C and the whole iOS development thing and we have come a long way since then. Today we are proud to  say that we have released the most comprehensive and best looking catholic app on the iPhone App Store. It is beautifully designed, supports 8 major languages + LATIN and has over 1000 prayers that you can read and learn. I know that it already sounds pretty big, but that’s not all.

Breviary: Catholic Book of Prayers for iPhone

Available on the app store!


It also includes:

★ Interactive holy rosary that automatically determines days of the week and adjusts prayers and misteries accordingly .

★ Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Poland, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian(Hrvatski) + LATIN

★ Implements Facebook share, InApp email, AirPrint support and InApp “Invite your friend by SMS”

★ Sound Effects, font adjustment

★ …Much much more



You can check the details on our official website or you can check it out in the app store!

Now, the first day on the app store is crucial to every application. In order for the app to become popular it has to reach a certain amount of downloads the first day. Well TODAY is the FIRST DAY! Get Breviary, rate and comment it on the App Store… and above all – invite as many of your religious iPhone-mates to give it a try as well! The app sells for $2,99 and I can promise you it’s worth every penny!

Your endorsement is highly appreciated!

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Whitney Houston as a child portrait

Whitney Houston as a child portrait

Name: Whitney Elizabeth Houston
Date of Birth : 9th August 1963
Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey
Siblings: Brothers Michael and Gary (half brother)
Height : 5′ 8″
Religion: Baptist
Occupation: Singer/actress
Instruments: Piano
Nickname: Nippy, The Voice

Pardon my subjective attitude in certain moments, but we could say that this article is written by one of her many, many fans.

How strange are the ways of God… This R&B pop queen, the greatest singer of all times, with astonishing vocal abilities has first started singing in the local church at the age of 11 in Newark. Now, 37 years after, her last album is called I Look To You. Again you’ll see, God  and her religion had an important role in her life. She was no stranger to gospel, her voice was had the strength of it underneath. She’d brought a special energy into any song and you could feel that by the shudder on your skin.

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Hi all you celebrity fans, we have a special post for you today and it’s about Audray Marnay. If you don’t know about her then you probably never heard about Calvin Klein, Versace, Vogue, Elle.. Yeah right, I’m sure even the guys heard about Calvin Klein and Versace.. Well anyway, she is a world famous model who started modeling at the age of fifteen and she showed up on almost every relevant beauty magazine cover till today. Audrey was photographed by some of the greatest names in the fashion industry of our time as Steven Meisel, Irving Penn, Herb Ritts, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindbergh.

She played the role of Laetitia in Bunker Paradise in March 2006 where she was recognized also as an actress.
Well, as you can see this young lady has a great variety of talents and skills up her sleeve but besides all the fame and her career she is still playful as a child. As you will see, and we are not going to talk any more about Audrey Marnay’s childhood. The reason for this post is the video below which i found very interesting and intriguing.

Audrey has hidden her favorite purse, Balzane of the Autumn 2011 collection, in Paris. Have you ever had an urge to become a detective or get involved in an exciting adventure in Paris..  To find clues that will lead you to your goal, chase trough the narrow streets of Paris on a motorcycle  and be a part of the worldwide search? Well Audrey has given you a chance to do EXACTLY THAT. Find your way to the secret through this interactive video and reveal the hidden prize.. C’mon Audrey, lead the way..

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Celebrity X no. 21

Celebrity X no. 21

Hi everybody! It’s finally time for a new Celebrity X article. This celebrity’s name is going to be a little harder to guess than those of Sarah Jessica Parker and Patrick Swayze from our previous posts. I don’t know about you but I think this face is so adorable (yeah, there’s a new girl writer on Celebrities than and now and things are gonna change..) I’m sure you were able to see past the soft girlish features and figure out that we’re dealing with a boy, i.e. a man by now. As singer of a world famous hard rock band this celebrity was the heartthrob of many a teenage girl in the late eighties and early nineties. I know that if you’re like me you’re probably wondering right about now how this sweet innocent boy could end up in a hard rock band. Not that there’s anything wrong with hard rock, but he just doesn’t seem the type, does he? His real name was William Bruce, but he changed it to a name he also later used on stage. He kept the last name though. He was born to a very religious family and had a troubled childhood. As a teenager he became quite the rebel, earning the reputation of a  local juvenile delinquent. He soon fled his small hometown of Lafayette, Indiana and moved to Los Angeles hoping to start a successful music career. The band in which he was the lead singer reached stardom in the late 80s mainly on account of the song he had written to his then girlfriend. During his career he was known for his great live performances as well notorious lateness, getting on stage up to two hours later than scheduled which often caused riots. He eventually split with his former band members (the most popular of which is Slash) and the band stopped performing for several years.  His career followed a slow downwards spiral ending up in the release of the long-awaited album Chinese Democracy in 2008, which was not as successful as anticipated. Oh, and his name is an anagram for “oral s*x”. Did you guess yet?

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Celebrity X no. 20

Celebrity X no. 20

Ok, you’re probably wondering what is this oldschool, grandma looking haircut doing on this kid.. And why is she smiling?? Isn’t she aware of the palm looking thing that’s stuck on her head?? Well, honestly I’m wondering about the same thing, lol. But I guess it wasn’t up to her to decide about her hairstlye, her grandma was in charge of that, hehehe.. Ok, enough with the jokes.. Lets get a little bit more serious.. Here’s another issue of celebrity X. This one is about a young girl, born in Nelsonville, Ohio, who became a successfull film, television, and theater actress and producer.. She is best known for her leading role in one of HBO’s comedy/drama series. I won’t tell you the title or the name of her role in the series ’cause that would just be too easy(as if it isn’t easy enough as it is, lol). All I’m going to say is that the whole show revolves around one word and that one is… I won’t tell it, it would be too easy.. I guess this is not enough for you to figure out who it is. OK, I’ll tell you one  fact.. She played the same role in the 2008 feature film based on the show and the film was abouth something & THE CITY.. Hehehe, ok put 2 and 2 together.

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Robert Pattinson in preparatory school

Robert Pattinson in preparatory school

Full Name: Robert Thomas Pattinson
Birthdate: May 13 1986
Hometown: London, England
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue/Gray
Height: 6’1 (185 cm)
Horoscope sign: Taurus
Nicknames: Rob, RPattz, Spunk Ransom
Siblings: Older sisters Lizzy and Victoria
Instruments: Piano and Guitar
Sports: Football, Skiing, Snowboarding, and more
Theatre Roles: Macbeth, Anything Goes, Our Town, and Tess of the D’Urbevilles
Movie Roles/Claim to Fame: The Ring Of The Nibelungs, Vanity Fair, Goblet of Fire, The Haunted Airman, The Summer House, The Bad Mother’s Handbook, How To Be, Little Ashes, Twilight, New Moon, Remember Me, Unbound Captives
Acting Inspiration: Jack Nicholson

Robert Pattinson was born in London, on May 13 1986, from his parents Claire and Robert Pattinson. His mother Claire worked for a modeling agency and his father, Robert, imported cars from the U.S. He showed interest in acting in his early age as he got involved in amateur theatre through the Barnes Theatre Company. Pattinson started in the backstage as an assistant and later took on acting roles as he became more comfortable with the whole theather and acting scene. Robert Pattinson’s first small breakthrough was in a production of Tess of the D’Urbervilles where he caught the attention of an acting agent and began looking for professional roles. Growing up he was a highly skilled sportsman, taking part in every sport from football and athletics to skiing and snowboarding. Robert Pattinson also had a talent for music as he played guitar and keyboards. Robert has two sisters, both older then him, Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson.

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Celebrity X no. 19

Celebrity X no. 19

Hey!! Guess what?? It’s time for another Celebritx X issue.. Hahahah, you never saw this one coming, now did you?? Yeah, right.. lol.. Ok, as I said, here’s another Celebrity X issue. This one is a kind of sad as we all felt a loss when he deceased.. He was born in Houston, Texas, the second child of Patricia, a choreographer, dance instructor, and dancer, and Jesse, an engineering draftsman. He was one of the greatest acting icons of Hollywood, he died of cancer at the age of 57, and he danced his way into viewers’ hearts with “Dirty Dancing” and then broke them with his role in the movie “Ghost”. If you don’t know by now, haven’t watched television or rented a movie in the last 20 years.. Ok, run to your local video store, NOW, but first get inside the post to reveal who it is so you’d know what movies to rent..

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Celebrity X no. 18

Celebrity X no. 18

Today’s Celebrity X issue is a bit harder to guess then the previous ones.. I guess that you’re not even sure if it’s a boy or a girl ’cause of the hair and all. lol Well yeah, if I didn’t know who it is I’d probably be wondering too. Ok, it’s a boy.. and I’ll give you a few hints that will get that doubt right out of your head.. His father was a truck driver and a drummer and he died of cancer when his son was only 10 years old. He was born in Oakland, California and was raised in Rodeo, California. His interest in music started at a young age. As a teenager he originally was into metal music, but got into punk after hearing the Sex Pistols song “Holidays in the Sun”. He was the youngest of six children and he wrote the song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” as a memorial for his father. If you don’t know who it is by now by now.. Well, you really should.. lol. Ok His last name is Armstrong and he is the front man of a punk band that has a certain color it’s name.. The hexadecimal value of this colour is #0F7D19. Hahahah, lol, I’m sure that one helped!! Ok, just get inside the post and find out the answer..

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Celebrity X no. 17

Celebrity X no. 17

Whoooooa!! Another Celebrity X issue!! I’m sure youre not so enthusiastic as I am but nevertheless.. I found this guy’s picture and immediately decided to put it on I’m sure you already know who this one is, but lets pretend that you don’t have a clue. I’ll give you a few hints so you’d be absolutely sure.. He is in the acting business and women are crazy about him. This Irish-American, born in Lexington, Kentucky, is considered to be a hollywood sex symbol. He claimed his first major Hollywood role in the movie “From Dusk till Dawn”, directed by Robert Rodriguez. After this next hint you’ll be sure to guess the answer.. Are you ready?? He played as a leading character in the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” which is his most commercially successful movie, earning more than $444 million worldwide. If you don’t know by now, then maybe you should revisit your local video store and get your act together.. Or you can just get inside the post and find out the answer.. lol

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Celebrity X no. 16

Celebrity X no. 16

Hey!! It’s time for another celebrity X issue!! It’s time to introduce some fresh content in the Celebrity X section of I’ll brag for a moment and say that we’ve gathered some great pictures of celebrities when they were young and from their earliest childhood. Have you noticed that we’ve implemented facebook connect to Now you can leave comments on “Celebrities Then and Now” and publish them to your facebook account so your friends can see what you’re watching and you can share your oppinions with them. OK, enough with the bragging… hehCan you guess todays celebrity X?? I’ll give you some hints.. It’s a she…. lol, like you can’t see that for yourself. Ok, she was born on September 4, 1981. Her father is a successful record manager(Mathew) and her mother is a costume designer and hair stylist(Tina). She was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she enrolled in various performing arts schools and was first exposed to singing and dancing competitions as a child. She achieved fame and success singing in a R&B girl-group from which she later on left and started her solo career. Her first solo hit was “Work It Out” which she wrote for the sountrack of “Austin Powers Goldmember”. Any ideas now?? Well if that wasn’t enough, enter the post and reveal her identity..

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