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Fergie, Paris and weirdest sunglasses trend

April 24th, 2009

I was just browsing all over the net for fresh childhood pictures of celebrities to expand my already huge collection, when I spotted this incredible gallery where Fergie showed off her really specific fashion taste.

Black Eyed Peas singer appeared few days ago in public in Los Angeles with one of the weirdest sunglasses recently seen. Yes, I know… WhaaatTF is this? While for some individuals it’s the latest fashion trend, for the rest of the sane world, first word that comes to mind is probably just “ugly”. Maybe Fergie is one of that fanatic Star Trek fans, because it is really hard not to notice the similarities with the figure of Captain Lieutenant Geordi La Forge out of the mentioned series. To conclude this, the point of this article could be that the line between high fashion and stupidity is very very thin. Watch more pictures inside the article.. And of course, the story about P. Hilton’s fashion outburst..

And when speaking of weird accessories, I must mention Paris Hilton, who is always turning heads for some reason. Recently she appeared in front of the hotel in Santa Monica, where she made a real confusion within random bystanders while she was practicing poses that were required for her new photo shoot.

With narrow black SM outfit and futuristic (and even more Star Trek looking) sunglasses on the face, Paris stood on the terrace, and began her little performance. As she saw that astonished bystanders were observing her with pleasure, Paris has received only an additional incentive to continue to pose for everybody gathered in front of her hotel.

This was a short overview of what is hot between eccentric celebs for today, and tomorrow we are continuing with our already traditional Celebrity X issue. Who will be next, and will you recognize him on the picture? Come back and find it out!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that sunglases look so bad!!

  2. IVAN says:

    Awesome write-up, really! I really love this time of the year! Snowman and Cookie – Yah!

  3. Fashion Sunglasses says:

    Those are some fierce glasses!

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