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Barack Obama - from Hawaii childhood to White House Presidency

Barack Obama - from Hawaii childhood to White House Presidency

Celebrity X - name that celebrity! (no. 6)

Guess the young celebrity – Young Celebrity No. 22

March 2nd, 2012

Well Brangelina wasn’t that hard, right?? Let’s move on to a few celebrities from the music business. This young lady on the picture is a singer and actually looks a bit like today. You could recognize her if you stared long enough..

Can you guess who this young celebrity is?

Guess the young celebrity 22
Christina Aguilera?
Kate Hudson?
Britney Spears?
Kate Olsen?
Ashley Olsen?

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Today I decided to publish update about Britney Spears, instead new Celebrity X feature. While I was searching for new interesting pictures all over the Internet, I found this superb galleries of Britney Spears, which follow her growing up from her birth (first picture is taken when she was only 6 months old) till her adult age.

This is really awesome overview of her childhood and young age through high school and NYC Professional Performing Arts School.

Here you can also see some pictures which are already posted in our Celebrity Then And Now category. Beside interesting pictures and all kind of facts about her you can also watch few Youtube galleries in our recent Britney Spears post. Continue reading…

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We are continuously collecting pictures of all kind of celebrities when they were young, their pictures from childhood, high school or college, and I need to say that now we have pretty much awesome materials which are going to be uploaded as soon as possible. Today I don`t have some usual featured celeb in Celebrity X category, like Hollywood star or famous singer, but one really talented sports celebrity.

Little boy on the picture is one of the most celebrated and successful football athletes of his era. He was born on May 2, 1975 in Leytonstone, England. At the age of eleven he won a place at the Football academy for youth run by the Tottenham Spurs team. As a teen he was rejected for a spot in the junior English league on account for being considered “too small”.

One of the country’s most celebrated teams, however, took an interest in him, and our today celebrity entered the legendary Manchester United club organization as a 14 year old recruit. In the time when other kids are occupied making problems in high school, this was his biggest step to success, and at this point all doors were opened to this young man. It should be enough info for you now to guess who it could be, so continue reading and find it out.
Continue reading…

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Finally, here is our new celebrity in Celebrity X category! I was working on new Celebrities Then And Now feature, so it took a while. Today featured celebrity is pretty easy to guess, I think, because of its characteristic shape of face, which is recognizable even on this photo which is taken at very young age.

Because of that, I am not going to reveal too much facts about him. Lets just say that he is born in 1978. in Iowa, and today is really famous actor. I`ll rather say you few interesting facts from his younger age that will not help you to guess who it is. This young man was back in 1997 a biochemical engineering student at the University of Iowa, working at General Mills sweeping Cheerio dust from the floor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for just $12 an hour, but today he is having million dollar movie offers.

He grew up in rural Homestead, Iowa, graduating from Clear Creek-Amana High School in Tiffin, Iowa, and he also has a fraternal twin brother, Michael, and a sister, Tausha. Try to guess who it is and then read full article to check your answer.
Continue reading…

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I was preparing new post about next celebrities childhood and break through to worldwide fame, when I found this one. I couldn´t resist to share it with you, because it is really awesome.

It seems that the latest stop on Britney Spears‘ Circus tour featured a little bit too much smoke, and probably not enough mirrors. Britney has issued an apology to all ticket holders of last night’s Vancouver show after smoky conditions on stage led to a 30 minute delay of the concert. Delay occurred just after three songs when Spears walked off the stage without any explanation, leaving the angry crowd to sit and wait in the dark arena.
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Hi everybody! This one is new regular feature here on We will bring you short posts with descriptions about your favorite Hollywood celebrities (and other: top music celebrities etc.). Inside the post you`ll find out who are we presenting.
You can also find out more about that person, or other celebrity news in the Categories section on the right. We plan to upload new Celebrity X every few days so come back for more interesting celebrity pictures from their childhood.
Today we present you celebrity which is already featured on the blog with full post about its life. But first you need to guess who could it be. Lets just say this little girl was born in England and now is a famous musician. Continue reading and find out who is this celebrity.
Continue reading…

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Yearbook your favorite celebrity

September 18th, 2008

This one will go straight in the fun category, when we collect few more funny posts and open it;). This is one of the coolest applications lately which can be very useful together with pictures of celebrities from this blog.

If you didn`t hear about this one yet, with Yearbook Yourself you can upload your photos and see yourself with classic hairdos and outfits through the decades. In just a minute or two your original picture is gonna be transformed in classic “That`s 70 show” style.
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I recently wrote stories about Angelina Jolie`s and Brad Pitt`s childhood and their way to fame. Their life is surely full of superlatives, but I have found this interesting fact that they’re holding one new record now!

The Guinness World Records has named Angelina and Brad the “Most Powerful Actor and Actress in Hollywood” taking the titles from Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston. But the list doesn’t stop there! Samuel L. Jackson holds the record as the “Highest Grossing Actor” with a total gross of $7.42 billion over his movie-making career. Continue reading…

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Full Name: Angelina Jolie Voight
Nicknames: Angie, Catwoman, Ange, AJ
Birth Date: June 4, 1975.
Nationality: American
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
Education: graduated from Beverly Hills High School, Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New Yor University(majored in film)
Occupation: Actress

What to say about Angelina Jolie? This wild in the heart and unique woman is one of the most popular actresses at the moment, on and off screen. Her private life is heavily exposed since her relationship with Brad Pitt and giving birth to her biological children Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. She also gathered attention adopting children from undeveloped countries and saving them from hunger and poverty (Maddox, Pax, and Zahara). Jolie has promoted humanitarian causes throughout the world, and is noted for her work with refugees through UNHCR.

It is time to find out more about her way to fame, Hollywood success, relationships and her children.

Continue reading…

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Full Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Birth Date: November 11, 1974.
Nationality: American
Birth Place: Hollywood, CA, USA
Education: Corinne A. Seeds University Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA
Center for Enriched Studies in Los Angeles, CA, John Marshall High School in L.A., CA
Religion: Catholic
Occupation: Actor
Claim to fame: as Toby in This Boy’s Life (1993)

This Hollywood superstar with Italian and German roots has really amazing list of roles in numerous blockbusters like “Titanic”, “The Aviator”, “Catch me if you can”, “Gangs of the New York”, “The Beach” etc. I am sure that most of you watched mentioned movies, but do you know how Leonardo became movie superstar? Where did he come from and what did he do before it was revealed that he is talented actor? I tried to collect most interesting facts about his life, and I am sure that his childhood pictures are the most attractive from all celebrity pictures on this site until now.
Continue reading…

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June 17th, 2008

Hey everybody, I finally found some time to post something interesting again. I was pretty busy these days, so please be patient few more days, because next celebrity is coming really soon! But I am not going to tell you who is it gonna be, because I want you to come back again and find it out yourself, and till then check out this cool flash game named Feed Lindsay.

I just surfed around and found it, so I wanted to share it with you. I´ll open new category where you´ll find all celebrity and other cool and funny games on one place.

Now check out fun pictures and facts about Lindsay Lohan, and than its time to feed her;).

Continue reading…

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